Samsung SH-S162L or Benq DW1655?



I pretty much decided i was going to get a benq, until i started thinking about dvd ram. Now im stuck. Should i get a samsung SH-S162L or benq DW1655? I want a good scanner, but i would also like the option of dvd-ram. Can anyone tell me what would be the best drive? or wether dvd-ram just isnt worth it?




Hi :slight_smile:
What ditch the 1655? :sad:
A question of RAM, is it for me(or in this case you)? Do you currently either use DVD+/-RWs or s/w like InCD. If you do then RAM will have benefits. If you use s/w then you can remove it . RAM discs will last a hell of a lot longer, more reliable than DVD+/-RWs. If you don’t currently do any of this you could be getting a RAM capable drive just for the sake of it.
However could the 1655 be the last decent BenQ drive with the current situation with Lite-On. RAM drives are about to speed up (from 5x to 12x, maybe more), so perhaps putting off a RAM capable drive would be advisable now. If you want scanning with RAM then Lite-On do one. SHM-165H6S.


cheers for the reply. I think i am just thinking about it for the novelty of having ram, and doubt id use it that often, and if they are going to speed up ill probably just wait. I think ill stick with the original plan of getting a benq.




Get your BenQ :iagree:…if you want RAM sometime down the line, I can recommend LG for that :slight_smile:


Is the BenQ 1650/1655 the current favorite for non-RAM drives?


Depends on who you ask.

It is [B]my favorite[/B].

P.S. DVD-RAM? Who cares? It is so 1999!