Samsung SH-S162L new Firmware TS05


  • It improved that tray open/close problem after Ram Disc Fat32 fomat in Win XP

Download from Samsung Page

Thanks for the news!

version TS06 available

Just picked up a SH-S162L, updated to US06 and burn quality seems more consistent than my previous TS-H552U and SH-W162C based on my initial testing. Burn quality looks on par for this marginal quality DVD-R media.

For comparison sake the above media burned with PIF averages of 0.53 (LG H10N-JL11), 0.45 (BENQ DW1655-BCDB), 0.71 (PIO 110D-1.39), and 0.72 (LG 4167B DL13).

Fuji branded Ritek F1 burned ok (no POF’s) but with the worst results (qs 88) of my 12 test discs, and slowed down to 12x > 3.5GB. I’ve posted the results to the mfg suggestion thread for improvement.

Competitive write quality on this Philips branded CMC M01 media (better than most current LG firmwares), and burned in 5:56 with no slowdowns. Jitter is a little high and one of the WOPC calibrations near the beginning seems to be the source of the trouble as there is a large jump in jitter and PIE’s.

For comparison sake my SH-W162C TS11 had about half the PIE/PIF errors and 1% lower average jitter on the same media, same spindle.

Hi, I’d like to have an opinion from you because W162C and S162L are exactly the two drives I’m currently considering for my next purchase. I’d prefer S162L because I like the lightscribe feature, but I consider burning quality more important anyway… S162L has a bad reputation when it comes to PIF errors, while W162C showed great kprobe scans in cdfreaks’ review. Would you confirm that? Which one would you choose? And, if I may ask, why did you switch from W162C to S162L?
Thank you very much for any info.

I’ve found that to be a general characteristic of Samsung drives, as they use the same chipsets that Liteons have used for a long time (Mediatek). As such, they often show the symptoms you mention–nice results scanning with Kprobe, but more accurate results when scanned with BenQ’s.

The problems BenQ’s report match my experiences with readability issues, so I don’t rely on Kprobe results for those reasons. I know there are plenty of people out there who would like to argue with me on that point.

I switched simply because I like to own the current products mfg’s are actively working on, and provide firmware feedback for them (as you can see by my active drive list in my sig). Once their updates seem to be waning, I figure they are considering it to be a mature design requiring minimal continued effort and then I pick up a newer model. These are my only motivations for upgrading drives–I do very little legitimate recording tasks other than Nero CD-Speed burns and analysis using my reference drives for posting in these forums.

Stability wise, the SH-W162C is probably a better choice as it is more mature and thus more well-tuned, whereas the SH-L162C doesn’t appear to be up to the SH-W162C’s standard yet so it is less of a “known good”. At present most of my burns with x162L TS06 aren’t up to the x162C TS11’s burn quality standards in terms of PIF rates or jitter levels. Sure the burns are usable for the most part, but if you are using it for functional purposes (unlike me) the x162C would be the safer way to go in the drives’ present states. The x162C definitely has far better media compatibility and burn quality than the TS-H552U ever did. Hopefully the x162L will eventually be in the same relative category vs the x162C, but it doesn’t appear to be at present.

Nice job here with fake TYG02 code Dataware branded DVD-R 8x. The low quality mfg of these discs usually causes the error on the outer edge, but this was burned in 8:30 without any slowdowns. Much nicer results overall than with the SH-W162C TS10, albeit with a lower quality score because of the height of the PIF spikes at the end.

Excellent results with this Maxell branded RITEKG05 code media, burned in 8:31. Faster and nearly half the PIF rate of the SH-W162C TS10, with lower jitter.

Marginal and bad results with Prodisc R05 and TYG03 respectively, see mfg suggestion thread.

Ok, thank you very much for your precious feedback, although I must say I’m more confused than before. :slight_smile:
No really, the S162L is just 4 euros more expensive than the W162C and it would be a great price to pay for lightscribe + dvd-ram capability, but for the sake of burning quality I think I’ll go for the W162C. There’s no point in having a drive with all the bells and whistles one can imagine when it can’t burn decent quality discs, imho.

Or buy an 182, hehe. It’s under €40 here.

Hey! As incredible as it may seem, the SH-S182D has just popped up in a shop here in Italy only a few hours after your post. It’s priced at 43 euros while I can have the W162C for 36… not a huge difference, I’ll do some research on the net to find out about it and then decide. Do you have any links btw?
Thanks for your advice anyway.

The bulk is now €32 and the retail €45 here.

Found not much info yet:

I haven’t seen too many scans from this drive yet, but there are some here and here.

Here you can see some more:

TDK 8x print. (TTG02)

Verbatim (MCC004)

Fake Yuden000T02

Verbatim -R (MCC03RG20)

Fuji (TYG02)

and some more…

HI everyone, I’m a newbie here.
Does SH-S162L can do quality check/scan?
How about SH-W162Z?