Samsung SH-S162A - 16x media?


I just bought a Samsung SH-S162A, and have installed the bundled Nero 6 Express. I upgraded firmware to TS02 and also upgraded Nero with the version on the Samsung site.

I bought some Maxell 16x DVD-R media, but Nero saves the max write speed is 8x.

Any solutions? Hard to know if this is the drive, the media, or Nero.

Is there someone who has known 16x media that will work with the SH-S162A and nero out of the box?


Not much info here yet:

No info on the Samsung site??

PS: Check the reviews here on cdfreaks, the tested drives are similar.

I found that Nero indicates the media id of the Maxwell disc as “ProdiscF02”, with a max write speed of 8x.

Who reports the max speed for a media type? Is it the drive firmware? Or does the burning s/w (e.g. Nero) maintain some database of write speeds for media?


Yes. Your drive supports this media only @8x. It is the same for my 163A.


As you can see, there are at least 3 different types of MAXELL 16X -R media.

Prodisc media (Dye) is not yet very well supported, or the testers might had found flaws during the tests…