Samsung Sh-D162C Kreon Showing Up As 3 Drives!



I had two pioneers. Under device manager/dvd roms they showed up as they were, 2 pioneers.

I removed one and installed the 162C and now I show 4 drives under device manager.

they are as follow…

  1. Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D - jumper on master
  2. RF####S UWY###A
  3. RF####S UWY###A SCI CdRom Device
  4. TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162D - jumper on Slave

#: they are actual numbers, just didn’t bother posting them.
no other dvd or cd roms connected to same cables.

As you can see only #1 and #4 should be there, so what are the extra 2 and 3? Did I install the jumpers incorrectly?


Do you have any programs that would make a virtual drive or two, like Alcohol, Daemon Tools, etc?


Yes, I have daemon tools. However I don’t recall seeing extra drives before, so why now? I have also installed a few xbox 360 related software, but not sure if they operate in a virtual environment or not. As far as I know, they don’t. Any thoughts?


Try removing Daemon Tools and see if the problem goes away. It’s pretty easy to overlook the virtual drives sometimes. If not Daemon tools, then try uninstalling other CD/DVD related programs. :slight_smile:


Now as long as everything is working fine, I shouldn’t be worried about anything right? I mean if it doesn’t bother me, I should let it be?

and I also messed with jumpers too, mater slave, slave master, etc… same.


As long as your system runs fine IN THIS CASE, you should be OK to leave it alone. :slight_smile:


I"m a perfectionist, so only thing hurting is my ego for not figuring out what’s going on. But as long as it’s working like they should, I’ll live with it.

thanks for the quick friendly help :slight_smile: