Samsung SH-D162C @ 6X DVD-R/+R read speed?

Hi everybody
I recently bought a dvd rom Samsung SH-D162c
but after some hours I realize that the maximun read speed of DVD-R/+R are set by default to 6x max. Strange isn’t it ?
I found this same problem with an Aopen and a Nec, because they are both similar to Liteon I was able to change their original firmware with omnipatch and increase the read speed for +R/-R media and even for RW ones.
But unfortunately I can’t find the solution for my samsung : so please help me or just tell me what to do.
and thks a lot

So far that seems to be impossible.

Yeah, I’m stuck with the same drive right now, 100% useless for me because there is no way to unlock the read speed. This drive was offered to me by some nerd who thinks he’s keen on optical drives :rolleyes:

Fortunately, I have more reading drives than I need (;)) so it’s no big deal for me, but sorry for you [B]labo_2000[/B], I’ve searched extensively and couldn’t find a way to unlock the drive so I guess you’ll have to buy another drive if you need one for ripping. Check that the model is not locked or that it can be unlocked easily before buying :wink:

thanks francksoy for your support
I know now that the Aopen 1648l rpo and the nec dv5800e can be easily read unlocked with flashutility and omnipatch
but do u know another ones that are read unlocked by default ?
and thx again.

Not among current drives, sorry… :confused: (not that there are none, just that I’m not sure!)