Samsung SH-B022A, SH-B026A Blu-ray burners coming

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  johnzap used our news submit  to tell us about a story he spotted describing some new hardware from Samsung. What we may find interesting,  is the internal drive supposedly...
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W0W but it mentions nothing about sony’s rootkit that it will install or how it will phone home everytime you burn Lassie to BD. Does the “direct firmware” upgrade need the burner to be hooked up directly to my phone line in order to validate it and start it’s drm cycle… (sorry had to mock the lameness the is about to pursue)

‘Direct Firmware’ meaning that they will decide when to upgrade your burner? The discs will probably cost so much that no one will buy them. Anyone stocking up on dual layer dvd-r’s? I have a dual layer burner but have yet to burn one, just not cost effective. Hopefully the holographic storage that is coming will not be crippled. My money is on that, not this bullshit.

i love how you go from cost effectivness then you talk about a technology that is mostly considered a buisness based product that will eat, chew and swallow the blu ray disc prices and laugh as it will be 10x more expensive at launch. Anyhow the price that blu ray is shooting for is about the same price as Dvd’s were back when they first came out so to say the product is going to fail just because of the price then you are mistaken indeed. Dual layer dvd’s havn’t taken off because it’s easier and cheaper to just buy 2 dvd’s. While yes 5-6 dvd’s is cheaper it is more to carry around and lose and damage. Also it means it needs more organization while 2 dvd’s is easy to maintain and organize.
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looking very nice espcially the silver one i think this is for the single layer only with firmware upgradable to dual layer burning…at least that’s what i heard. so far this is the best bd burner out there since dvd dl disks are still very expensive, i wonder how cost effective bd will be.

Your looking at $20-30. Although they have been selling Blu Ray disc’s in Japan for two years now at $20-30 so who knows they might be around $15?

These drives were also mentioned in our CDFreaks CES coverage.

Does anyone remeber how much DVHS tapes are?

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