Samsung SH-224GB

I don’t use Nero and I never saw the above message before, but does Nero currently have any features that other (free) software do not?

I use Nero since version 5.x and even after some thousands burned discs I saw this message the 1st time

BTW, this is good old Nero 7 and Samsung SH-224GB

The only messages I remember was a buffer-underund-counter on some writers (not sure which one).

Saw this Nero message too with an Optiarc notebook writer and AML DVD+R.
Only 3,3x speed was possible…

Is it a real Optiarc or something rebadged?

I personally find the latest versions unusable. Which version are you using?


For BD-R Nero 12 Essentials

Real drive

OK, but I thought Optiarc uses mostly Renesas, Samsung MTK. Maybe FW-Feature?

I wish they made (and keep updated) a light version just for burning without the annoying messages to buy/upgrade! But I don’t see this happening. I wonder who pays for Nero these days.

I guess it will never happen

There are some free burn software, who will pay even a less for a pure burn program?

What can you do with Nero that you can’t do with a free software?

Nero works since year 2000 for me :wink:

Only bought Nero 7 long time ago, the other versions I use(d) come along with some of my burners

I think I also have 2-3 OEM versions that came with burners, but these keep bugging about upgrading/buying a full version.

My 12 Ess. don´t bugging me as long as I not click on some “links”. Came with my Asus DRW-24B5ST, was the best buy for me because of this version of Nero :smiley:

The newer version which was included with the LiteOn eBAU 108 is much worse, it also want me to register and bugging me with upgrades

A question to 224GB-owners:

How noisy are your drive(s)?

I have some 224GB, some drives are quiet, others are extremly noisy and have much vibration.

My older 222xB and 224xB have a similar behaviour, depends also on the media I use

Same with LG GH24NSD1

My actual 124F and 324F are much more quiet than these other drives. Also the Pioneer BD-drives, the DVR-S21 (latest QSI-rebadge) is somewhere in the middle


Your observations are consistent with my experiences.

Overall noisy, yep

But the differences with even one model is more than usual quality fluctuations. LG GH24NSD1 is also extreme noisy but it differs not so mch like the 224GB

But still I like the latest Samsung-drives, there are good writers overall with great amount of writing speeds