Samsung SH-224FB spins up and down in bursts

My Samsung/TSST SH-224FB (6 months old) is installed in a Windows 7 x64 machine. When reading data from DVDs for copy/transfer to my hard drive, the optical drive spins up and down in short bursts – approx 6 seconds each – clearly not handling data at a steady rate. This makes all such operations extremely slow (DVD playback, eg movies, is fine). I’ve confirmed the Windows driver is correct, and the firmware (SB00) is the only version available.

Anyone have any ideas about this behavior? I’ve sent a note to Samsung Customer Service asking if it may be defective, but even if it is it’ll probably cost more to ship than to replace. Meantime any hints/fixes appreciated.


ETA: All drive DMA settings are correctly enabled as well.

Does this happen with cd’s also?
If so, with all types of discs?

[QUOTE=jeffy86able;2777909]Does this happen with cd’s also?
If so, with all types of discs?[/QUOTE]

DVDs only. CD read/copy is slow (by choice) and steady – I can hear the drive spinning steadily and the activity light blinks regularly; the DVD “burst” mode is equally obvious from the difference in both.

OK as it turns out this may – MAY – have been caused by a glitch with my a/v application.

I noticed that after a recent update some of my exclusions were lost (which is weird, only weird is typical for me, sad to say) including the one(s) I was using to extract data from the DVDs, so the data may have been read in “busts” so it could be scanned before being written to the HDD.

I’ve corrected this and at least one attempt worked normally: a steady read rate from the TSST drive. So with any luck I won’t be back :wink:

Thanks all.