Samsung SH-224BB firmware

Hi All, just received a new(brand new dated 2014) Samsung SH224BB with firmware sh01, this is a second Samsung the other is a 224DB, three questions if someone can help please,
1/ is there a utility that can read the firmware,
2/ are newer firmware still available and which is better.
3/ is there an utility that can install the firmware.
I have checked but all links I have found are either dead ore out of date.
thanks in advance.

You can download SB00 for SH-224BB and SB00, SB01 for SH-224DB from You just run the correct executable firmware file for your drive to flash, but I am not sure if it also allows you to read/save the firmware. It’s been years since the last time I flashed a Samsung drive.

cheers thanks will look in to that.