Samsung SH-223Q - 22x SATA - $19.99AR - Free Shipping - ZipZoomFly


How does this drive compare to the SH-203B for burning and quality scanning? I believe it doesn’t report jitter, correct?

To be precise it’s $34.99 with free shipping and $15 mail-in rebate. I have had some good luck with mail-in rebates and some crummy luck. Basically it’s a toss of the dice with mail-in rebates. One must be sure to cross all the “T’s” and dot all the “I’s” or they’re S.O.L.

Why don’t the sellers and/or manufacturers just drop the price? It costs them more to process these rebates than to just adjust the price up front on purchase end.

I worked at Fry’s Electronics for four years and they’re notorious for rebate issues, but then again, Fry’s is notorious for a lot of different things… bait and switch for one.

[QUOTE=nibiru2008;2291829]To be precise it’s $34.99 with free shipping and $15 mail-in rebate.[/QUOTE]

In the title, “AR” = “After Rebate”.