Samsung SH-223f tray opens and closes

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung DVD Recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello members, just lately my tray on my Samsung SH-223F closes right after I open it . I can’t get a disc in there fast enough. It doesn’t do it all the time , but when it does is when I need it the most. It’s like it has a mind of it’s own. Anybody have a fix for this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,



that reminds me of the generic OEM DVD-ROM in my father’s computer, that does exactly the same. Haven’t had a look at that yet.

If the drive is still covered by warranty, contact your dealer or Samsung for having serviced the drive under warranty. Otherwise, I’d try to open it and see if there is dust or any broken part.


If the firmware is up to date the drive is probably defective and I recommend that you change the drive at the shop where you bought it, or if this for some reason isn’t possible please PM me so that I can send you the warranty exchange instructions to send to a service center.

hi there… I’m having the same problem, not always but frequently.

It started happening when I updated to the SB03 firmware so right now I’m going to downgrade to SB02 (hope it let’s me) and see if it solves the problem.

This is happening with two units, one Q and one F, bought on diferent stores (one OEM, one retail) and in diferent computers. Swaped the drives betwen those computers and keeps happening. It happens also right in the bios so I discard an OS problem.

I highly doubt the drivers are defective (if they are, whats the quality of those drives? had my previous pioneer for years without any problems and yet those after 3 months are fucked up) but… I’ll downgrade and report back.

can’t reproduce this problem again on both computers after flashing back to SB02.

Same happend to mine 223F SB03. I did RMA and will be getting 223B.

Im starting to dislike those 223F drives more and more. Have a feeling they had a design flaw.

one week later after flashing back to SB02 from SB03 still can’t reproduce this problem again on the two drives!

seems it’s a bug in the firmware.