Samsung SH 222AL unable to modify FW



I have (well i got 2 actually)
Samsung SH 222AL DVD RW drives
I tried to usethe lastest versions of MSCE and Patch utility to modify the .bin file I got from samsung for this drive SB00

Patch utility says its not samsung firmware

MSCE give me no options to midify.
can someone help me out with this?
I need to have bitsetting and unlocked read speeds
and RPC1 is always noce, lol



these new drives are unsupported, and it is unknown if there will be newer versions of either the Patch Utility or MCSE with built-in support for the 222Ax series…

Bitsetting shouldn’t be a problem with stock firmware Neró or Imgburn.



so buring iso (which is 99% of what i burn) with imgburn will cover me automatically with the bit setting? do i need to set somthing or will it happen automatically? i always use Verbatim DVD+R.

I wish i new this info before. Reason i bought samsungs was i figured they would easily be modified like my older ones (they’re IDE and won’t work in new towers) :frowning:


also wat’s the earliest version of nero i can use and do i need to set somthing for bit setting in nero?
(I have nero 7, never upgraded since it works fine in 7 x64 and it does everything i need it to do)


Even Neró 6.6 could deal with the TSST auto bitsetting feature. No manual setting required. So, your newer version should be okay. Or try Imgburn, which is free.



well here’s a plea to the powers that be to please make patch utility compatible with these drives SH 222AL

so as long as i burn with NERO 7 or IMGBURN i will have automatic bit setting?
that’s at least good.


so as long as i burn with NERO 7 or IMGBURN i will have automatic bit setting?
[/QUOTE]That is at least true for older TSST drives. You might better verify if this is still the case.