Samsung sh-222ab

samsung going to introduce new drive SH-222AB

why 22X?

User Factfinder got one:

I also wonder why they also changed their naming convention :confused:


Yea I’m a bit confused, and the FAQ thread is now sort of out of date thanks to this change, i got a 222 from newegg and it is clearly sata;)

The regular 3.4.10 patch technique doesn’t work with the SH-222AB_SB00.bin firmware, it says wrong firmware detected

I just got one of these from Newegg to replace an aging LiteOn that’s having tray-ejection issues. I’ll see how it does. I have a number of other Samsung products (TV, standalone DVD player, phone) and they seem to make good stuff and the price was right.

They’ve changed the naming convention, so I’m not sure the FAQ applies to this any more, but what’s the difference between the SH-222 and the SH-222AB? And what does the “BEBE” suffix stand for? I gather it’s to do with labeling and packaging. It’s an OEM packaged drive that came with no software.

I note that my drive only says “Samsung” on it in very small print, in a couple of places on the label, as part of “Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (Company)”. It’s not labeled as a Samsung on the front panel.

I myself just purchased one of these 222ab bebe drives, and I am not impressed at all with it. Compared to my asus drive I had before, its read speed is WAY slower. Ripping with dvd shrink too at least twice as long. Maybe it’s strength lays with write speed or disc compatibility but it’s certainly not impressive at reading or extraction…Can anyone tell me what internal sata dvdrw drive is considered fastest at reading speeds?

[QUOTE=billd42;2598485]I just got one of these from Newegg to replace an aging [B]LiteOn that’s having tray-ejection issues[/B].[/QUOTE]