SAMSUNG SH-202G - Right Decision?

I recently purchased this dvd burner as OEM. I have tried burners by BENQ, which started to create coasters after just 4 months, and then the supposed top rated Sony DRU-830A which I found to be media finicky, which I returned for a Samsung SH-182M which some reviewers stated was not very good at DVD ripping.

A salesperson recommended this drive but I cannot find much about it on Google.

Has anyone purchased it and what has been your experience?

What media works best with Samsung drives? TDK, Verbatim, Fuji?

In other words is a Samsung drive worth it or should I look at LG, Pioneer, or Plextor? I don’t want to spend more than $50.00, and I still can return it.

202(203) with IDE connector.

been using samsung dvd writer w/ lightscribe for almost a year now since then i haven’t got a problem with it.

I have a 202G and it doesn’t get much fanfare because of all the (good) ruckus about the 203B. I’ve used it to burn MKM001 (@ 6x), MCC004, YUDEN000T02, and TYG03 media and all have been very good. Perhaps I was lucky with this 202G since others have reported disappointment with theirs. Or, it could be just my setup is stable and cleared of any parasitics that could affect the burning process. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with it.

I´m Brazilian.
Sorry, I don´t speak English…

I bought thid drive, but he doesn´t play one DVD…I don´t know why…could be the firmware because is RPC-2 or is phisical problem?
Somebody help me?

One more time, sorry for my English…


The disc you have tried with has which region???

Beside this, install a mpeg2 codec first, eg. from elecard, and a software dvd player like VLC Tool.

Thanks for answer…

So…I don´t know the DVD´s region…I think that is region 4 or 1…Brazil or EUA, because is the DVD of Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, and is in English…
I changed the region of my drive for this both regions e doesn´t readed the DVD…shows a window: “disc not formated : disc is corrupted or in understand formate of Windows”.
I taked the software PowerDVD for to watch th DVD…

I don´t know what to do…could be phisical problem?

Sorry for my English…I´m trying to speak English…

Thanks a lot!

Sorry…I forgot…I have the codec K-Lite…and others…

And now?


Is the disc pressed? What info is on the sticker of the disc?

Could you use another drive to rip the disc and try it with the rip??

I don´t know if is pressed…I don´t found the info…
The disc is read in another drive, only in my not…
I go to try rip the disc…
but exist reason for he don´t to read the disc?


If it is pressed… even some pressed discs come with authoring errors.

I send the drive for the store…


Just recently I went through the following burners trying to find the one that burns DL best:

AW-G170A (AD-7170A) by NEC
AD-7190A ( supposedly by NEC but actually made by Lite-On)
LiteOn DH20A3P (got it by burning LiteOn firmware)

So far SH-S202G is the best in my opinion. Does escellent job burning single or dual layer disks.

LiteOn DH20A3P is close. The benefit of LiteOn would be multiple Firmware and configuration options. However you have to understand what you are doing. And be ready for some bad burns too.

NEC does not make decent drives anymore IMHO. AD-7170 burns DL fairly well, however single layer burning quality is well below everage :Z .

Nec has never burned media well it was alway been mediocre
Other manufacturer started making better burner while nec lagged behind. The reason why many bought nec in the past because of the fans that kept spamming the forum about how good it is.

Within a month I sold my nec 3520a, 3540a, and 3550a
Now I’m left with only 1 nec 3550a
These pioneer, samsung, liteon are all bought recently :slight_smile: