Samsung SH-202G problem reading media

SYSTEM: Dell Dimension 8100, P4, XP PRO. This Samsung ODD (actually TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S202G) has been installed as the master on the secondary IDE channel; the original CD-RW drive is now the slave on that channel. The drive does not read any media at its transfer rate of UDMA Mode 4. If I disable Digital audio CD, I do hear the sound, but it is scrambled (I did not connect an audio cable between the drive and the sound card). If I set the transfer mode for this device to PIO only, audio CDs play normally. The original CD-RW drive works normally as the slave at a transfer rate of UDMA Mode 2.

Is this a problem with an older motherboard unable to meet the transfer rates sought by the new drive?

Thanks in advance for any help getting this drive to work to its potential.