Samsung SH-182M Nero 7 On the Fly Grayed out



Hi all,

New guy here and I can’t believe I never found this forum until now! Anyway I just purchased a new SH-182M and a Lite-On LH-20A1H. I had a problem with the first Samsung (major burning issues/system freeze) and had to RMA the drive; hence why I also snagged the Lite-On and playing around with both drives. In Nero 7, I am unable to do an “on the fly” burn using Nero Burning Rom if the Samsung is the source drive and the Lite-On is the destination. I can use the Lite-On for “on the fly burning” when it is the source drive and the Samsung is the destination. I’m wondering what is causing this issue and/or if this is normal. I’ve tried different media, and put the Samsung on it’s own PSU input. I suppose I should try to reinstall Nero 7. Both drives have UDMA Mode 2 selected on the secondary IDE channel.

Here is my setup:
Samsung: Secondary Master Drive D
Lite-On: Secondary Slave Drive E
Nothing on Primary IDE port (hard drives are SATA).
Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2; 3.2ghz; 2gig ram.

Thus far, no problems buring at 48x on the fly with the Lite-On as the source and samsung as destination.

Any help in sorting this out would be appreciated as I like to do direct disk copying.



Did your Nero (OEM) version come with the Samsung or the liteon drive??


It’s a full blown “Nero 7 Premium.” I have the Primary Master IDE port free since the hard drives are connected via SATA ports. I’ll probably put one drive as the primary master and the other as the secondary master and see if the system becomes more stable.


The Liteon should be coming up as Ultra DMA mode 4 not mode 2. If it really is mode 2 then you’re probably using a 40wire IDE cable rather than an 80wire one.

Definitely split the burners over the 2 IDE channels & use good quality 80wire (ultra 66/100/133) cables with both drives set as Master & on the end connection.

I think Nero has determined that the Samsung is not a faster enough reader, which is probably true , to support the Liteon as the burner.


Thanks! Great points! Yes, the Lite-On supports UDMA mode 4 and the Samsung supports Mode 2. I plan on putting the Lite-On on the primary IDE channel as the master since the Intel 875 chipset supports UDMA mode 5…I think. I’ll put the Samsung on the secondary IDE channel as the master and certainly get new wiring just to be safe. I should have done this from the start since the primary channel was emtpy!


No UDMA5 with optical drives. :wink:

Try re-connecting the drives onto different ide channels.


Heh thanks again guys…hopefully this will solve any outstanding issues!


Well resetting the options to default in Nero 7 seems to have done the trick…so far so good for disk to disk for CD burning…who knows!


I’d hesitate to do that with DVDs though. If the original is good then going from the Liteon to the Samsung would be the better option, if you must do on-the-fly.


Oh absolutely…usually burn an image for a DVD first - just in case.


Sterndogg02 : It’s a full blown “Nero 7 Premium.”

How did you get the full version. i somehow got the full version too, but when i formatted my hdd i couldnt get it back on the computer. did you ever get a jey or code or do you know how to do it again? :confused: :confused: :confused:


A full blown Nero 7 premium can be bought at or in retail stores.

i somehow got the full version too, (…)
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