Samsung SH-182F

Hello everyone, I was wondering if the SH-182F was using the same firmware as the SH-182D? I searched the forum and it seems the only difference might be the pickup…

Right now I have SB02 on it, is it the latest?

WOW… I just finished getting the drive WORKING. It wouldn’t even read it’s own discs…
I followed the hints in the “lead in problem” thread… swapped the 80 pin cable for a 40 pin cable, set the drive as master, and plugged it in on it’s own power lead…

what a pain in the !(&"!/?(!.. but now it works well.

For anybody wanted to flash the SB03 “cdfreaks edition” for the D version of the drive, forget it, it dosen’t work. the drive reverts to some sort of safe mode to go back to 182F SB01 or SB02…

How do you have it hooked up?

It’s on the secondary IDE channel, set as master, with a 40 pin cable rather than 80 pin.
I gave it it it’s own lead off the power supply (it’s not sharing power with anything else).

I just thought i’d give this thread a BUMP, does anybody know a way to flash the 182D firmware to this 182F drive?

No firmware has been available for the F version in quite a while…



does anybody know a way to flash the 182D firmware to this 182F drive?
If you really want to kill your drive, there is a “forced” flashing method described in the FAQ.
Since the difference of both drives was big enough to let the Samsung people give the drive an own product name, there is too much difference for a successful crossflash.