Samsung sh-162A + Verbatim16x (Advanced Azo) = no seek complete!

Hi, I have trouble with Samsung SH162-A dvd writer,
I used Nero 6.6, then Nero 7.0, and also dvd Decrypter 3.5
I updated the firmware to version ts02 (the lastest for this burner)
I tried with different media type: Verbatim 16x (MCC 003), Mercury (tgy02) at different writing speed, from 4x to 16x and after 2-3 minutes of burning i have always the same result:
“No Seek Complete”
The last chance, I think is to use a lens cleaner cd. If it will not work… Samsung writers are not so good…

i also made a reading test with DVD

and also with CD’s always the same result