Samsung SE-T084L Slimline DVD Burner Review

I just posted the article Samsung SE-T084L Slimline DVD Burner Review.

This time we put the Samsung SE-T084L slimline DVD burner through its paces.

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Does anyone know the internal laptop drive model that this is based on (or the equivilent internal model)? It looks like it’s pretty good for an slimline drive.

Hi Adeon, The model should be SE-T084L. This is still our current model of external slim DVD writer. The specs are the same as those found on notebook drives. Hope this helps. Katie

I am hoping that someone might know where I can buy this particluar burner, SE-T84L/AMAM. I am looking for 100+ pcs for a customer who needs this burner. in case anyone knows where I can get them. Thank you Thank you,

This drive is great! it comes with a DC energy cable. But As I pluged it in the USB port, the second cable wasn’t necessary anymore! I just need to carry a standard usb cable with the drive wherever I go. Great investment!!! :X