Samsung SE-S224Q - Windows 7 Compatibility

Hi Everyone.

I am not expert on this subject.

I am planning to get this Samsung SE-S224Q external drive. I think it’s been a while since it came out and seems to be performing well.

I was wondering if it would work with Windows 7. I tried searching on internet but couldn’t find anything that specifially mentions its compatibility with Windows 7.

Are there any other good external DVD burners that will work with Windows 7??

I will appreciate any comments and suggestions. Thanks.

WHY shouldnt it work?

Such optical drives are working OS independently in most of all cases.


The only compatibility issue might be the software that comes with the drive.
At the moment, Samsung provides a free upgrade to Nero9 for certain drives.


There is a weak point with EXTERNAL optical drives, mostly due to the used controller in the external case…

[QUOTE=chef;2492574]There is a weak point with EXTERNAL optical drives, mostly due to the used controller in the external case…[/QUOTE]Assuming the engineers did their homework correctly, then the only problem might be that the [I]advertised [/I]maximum speed will not be reached, which is often depending on the computer’s USB support.
But this is a common problem, not only with Windows 7.


Welcome to the forum h_hydrogen! I don’t think you’d have any problems using the SE-S224Q with Win7 in general, but you should be aware of another important issue: Some drives are not working properly with the native Windows 7 backup application. This is definitely the case with all the SH-S223B units I’ve tested. When trying to create a system image on DVDs using the Win7 backup application the drive just formats the disc, then spits it out and asks for more; the actual backup of data on disc never starts. This was an issue that also affected my Optiarc AD-7243S, Optiarc fixed it with the latest firmware, so I hope Samsung can do the same. I’ve already mentioned this problem on other threads of this forum and notified Samsung about it, but no solution has been provided yet. Maybe the SE-S224Q is not affected by this issue, if you try it please let us know of the results.