Samsung SE-S204N

Some shops here in The Netherlands have started selling the Samsung SE-S204N (20x external DVD writer in USB enclosure with Lightscribe) for about 55 euros.

I haven’t been able to find any info about this drive (not even on so I was wondering if this is a 203 or a 202 in an external enclosure or a totally different breed?


specs can be found here:

I suspect this is a SH-S202 series [I]non-LS[/I] drive (This is odd since 20x LS drives have the “N” as last character of the drive name) in external enclosure.


According to the Dutch webshops it does have LS:

Also, the picture shows a LS logo on the bezel.


the solution is clear: we need a volunteer :bigsmile:
If someone even can’t trust the specs posted on Samsung official website… :confused:


P.S.: That 204 seems to be really cheap :eek:

And here, this time supporting LightScribe :slight_smile:

:doh: Do they know what they are doing?
“N” would indeed indicate LS, but nobody knows :eek:


I would like to know what chip for USB is in that drive. Looks pretty kewl for an external case.

A guess: some NEC chipset as also used with the 184.

Anyone want to share some quality scans please…??