Samsung SE-S204N - big problem

Hello all,
I have a big problem and I can’t solve it. As my english is not realy excelent I’ll copy/paste a post from someone else from other forum where he got no reply. I’ll just adapt it a bit for my case:

" I just purchased an External DVD-Writer drive - Samsung SE-S204N. There are no instructions for installation other than the following three steps:

  1. Turn the PC Off.
  2. Connect the necessary cables, then turn on the drive.
  3. Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer.

I followed these directions and turned on the computer. After Vista booted, the Found New Hardware Wizard came up. I allowed it to search the internet for software, and had it install the hardware automatically. The wizard classifies the drive as “USB Mass Storage Media”, and in “System/ Device Manager” it puts it under “other” with it’s name being a string of numbers and strange letters.

Unfortunately, the system can’t seem to find an appropriate driver on the net or anywhere else.

There is an install CD that comes with the drive that has some software from Nero for burning DVD’s. Also on the CD are some kind of wacky DOS drivers and an HTML manual which is useless. Various relevant samsung websites have no useful information on this either, and I haven’t been able to google anything helpful up.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance."

This is excatly my problem. And I tried this on my notebook for which I bought the drive (it runs vista ultimate), and on my old PC that runs XP - the result was the same both times.

I would be gratefull for any kind of help as I found no other place that deals with these issues.

Thanx in advance

Hi and Welcome!

if the drive acts that strange on two different computers, then there is something wrong with the unit. I’d contact the vendor for a replacement.



Unfortunately I bought it in Austria where I went to ski, and now I’m back in my hometown - Zagreb, Croatia… so contacting vendor will not be easy :frowning:

thanx anyway

Hi,[QUOTE=tutlek;1976230]so contacting vendor will not be easy :([/QUOTE]Maybe you can contact Samsung directly then.


Guess what - after long night I gave up and went to sleep…when I woke up I pulled out USB cable from the DVD drive, not from notebook, reconected it and than the notebook recognized it in few seconds :eek:

so now I’m happy and relived :slight_smile:

thx for your help anyway…

Congrats! :slight_smile:
Glad you got it sorted :smiley:

Apart from your initial problem how is the Samsung SE-S204N I was thinking of buying one. Does it work well with taiyu yuden media?

Igen, nekem van egy SE-S204N and it burns my Sony branded 8X +R Yudens very well.

Great burner all around.


Thanks for the reply. I think this may be the one I’ll buy.

BTW you are facing i faced with an external HDD… i changed my PSU for my pc and it worked great…

So check you power supply unit may be it can’t generate the required current required for the drive to work…

Wish this would help…

Try it on your friend’s PC if it works it’s 90% the problem of the power supply.