Samsung SE-S184m Sb02

I flashed it and it says s Sh-S182m SB05? now? what is going on it should say SE-S184m?

anyway how to i reverse it from before?

You already asked the same question here (more than once) and I replied:

it did not identify as SH-S182M before but now after flash it does. I think i should undo back to SE-S184m. I jsut cant find the flash firmware file back to s184m anywhere

The SE-S184M is supposed to identify itself as a SH-S182M drive! This is normal behaviour!

If you don’t believe me, have a look in our Samsung SE-S184M Review.

before it identified as SE-S184M. I wanna return it too SE-S184m with Sb02.

Unfortunately, there is [B]no way to return to SB02 with the S184 name[/B]. The firmware was never released as a standalone file, and there is no way to get the firmware off of other SE-S184M drives, or [B]from anywhere else[/B].

I would like to note, however, that on the Samsung ODD support site, under SB05 for the S184M, it states:

Common-use firmware for internal type SH-S182M

& you are given the link to download SB05 for the SH-S182M. There is no other firmware to download, and the drive works exactly the same no matter what the name is. So even Samsung themselves tell you to [B]ignore the name change[/B].

[See DrageMester’s post below.]

Samsung SH-S182M firmware from SB00 to SB05 can be downloaded here. These are also the correct firmwares for the SE-S184M drive; there is NO separate firmware download for the SE-184M.

i dont know doesnt SB05 firmware work worse then SB02

Don’t ask me, I don’t have this drive. :wink:

Not for me. :disagree: