Samsung SE-506CB/RSBD Driver



Hi Guys.
I have just purchased a Samsung SE-506CB/RSBD to play and record Blu-ray discs on my Sony TAP20. I have plugged it into the USB port but the computer will not pick it up. I have copied the setup/manual disc onto a USB stick but cannot find any drivers. The Cyberlink software does not help.
Can anyone help, please?


Welcome to the forums tonyjhall.

I’m not familiar with your Sony TAP20, but it seems to use Windows 8. And Windows 8 should automatically find any device connected via USB cable. Drivers for USB, even USB 3, are included in the operating system, so you won’t find them as an outside download.

The first thing I would do is try the drive in another computer using your existing cable. If it doesn’t work in a second computer, try a different USB cable.


It has usually 2 usb ports and if it isnt detected then the wrecked usb cannot sustain enough power/tension or the hardware is defective.