Samsung SE-506BB, SN-506BB



I just picked up one of these drives about 3 weeks ago and so far have burned 5 Verbatim discs (Verbatime code). I noticed something strange on 2 of the burned discs in that there was an area about halfway out to edge that burned darker than the rest of the disc, but went back to the lighter shade after a short bit. Data on the discs is identical and the discs did not have that imprint before the burn. The other 3 discs look like normal burned discs. Not sure if this is something to be concerned about. All 5 discs did read back at full speed successfully. They were burned at 2X, laser power changes maybe?


Anybody still use the 506BB?

I burn with Nero 12 Essentials and choosed 4x on Mediarange 4x MBIR06 but the 506BB burns 6x


I found an SN-506BB in a computer shop and I was tempted to buy it. For a desktop PC I will have to use an external enclosure and probably USB 2.0. Is this really a good idea for burning blu-ray media and doing quality tests?


The SE-506BB has a bug that affects burning Blu-ray media (similar to the 506CB). Certain MIDs and speeds will exhibit significant burn rings that render them useless. Not all MIDs and speeds are a problem, but enough are that it’s not a recommended drive unless you’re willing to live with its limitations. It’s probably fine for scanning, though. I do not know if the SN-506BB has the same problems, but it’s quite possible.


As it will be the only blu-ray drive on that desktop PC it will be used both for burning and scanning. Gven its price I am not sure if I should risk it, as it will probably be difficult to return it due to the nature of the problem.


The 506BB have no competitors actually, sadly.

It´s an unreliable burner, I use it rarely because I don´t know whether it has a good day or not :\ .

Und yes, it have the “ring”-problem two, but til 2day I don´t produce coasters, but my other writers do better, mostly.

Here is a scan-compare with the ihbs 112


Quite different results.


Yep, but which one is true?

The Liteon should be the more often used scanner here, so I use it also. And the 506BB can´t show jitter

But the Liteon is hard to get these days and it´s bigger than a 506BB :wink: , but it´s also the better burner with most media; but mostly not so good as a Pioneer.


I only have LiteOn DVD writers, but I see different scanning results between different “generations” of these drives (B, C etc). I think a good disc should scan equally well in two different drives. And I don’t think LiteOn drives are great DVD writers. Not better than Samsung drives from what I have seen. I don’t currently have a genuine Pioneer to compare.


The differences between the actual DVD-writers are not that great like in the past years. Maybe because the last manufacturers LG and Liteon (Samsung stopped manufacturing of ODDs) use the same chipsets, maybe the same optical parts from Hitachi (QSI/Pioneer I don´t know), maybe because only a few DVD-media-manufacturers are left. My results with different writers let me guess the quality of media vary a lot more than the differences between the writers.

The main differences I see in the behaviour:

LG use the speed you selected
Samsung/Liteon ignores the selected speed frequently and start with 4x (Samsung) or 6x (Liteon)
Pioneer start with the selected speed but shows often down to 12x or 8x, especially if writing 16x or higher

Liteon and Samsung write only to Taiyo Yuden more than 16x

LG write only to MCC more than 16x (LG have limited write speeds, on 16x-media it supports only 8x, 16x and 24x)

Pioneer writes to many media more than 16x, even with CMC, AML, Ume, in theory. Like I wrote, Pioneer like to start quick and slows down during writing. And it´s the only writer which offer 10x speed on MKM 003 000


I have not seen any drive from LG or other manufacturer that writes at the specified speed from the beginning of the disc. And I don’t really care about writing at 16x or above, because the results are usually worse.


You don´t understand me. It starts at a specified rpm which results at the end in speed 16x, 24x and so on.


Dear Freaks, some time ago I bought the external version of the drive with aim to compare burning results and try to guess why there are so many different opinions about this drive. One of my concerns was power supply of the drive, I thought that single USB port is not enough for successful burning (SE-506CB drive shipped with single USB cable). My drive came with Y-cable which was a good start.

I borrowed YZXStudio USB meter ZY1270 with Bluetooth module for recording. After testing voltages and power output of my USB devices (laptop ports, monitor ports, docking station ports) I found out that Dell docking station seems to be capable to deliver ~1,2 A @ 5V per single USB2.0 port, so I decided to use that as power source (to have all the drive current passing through the meter). Below I present a quick and dirty graph presenting voltage and current at USB port during BD-R recording at 4x and 6x speeds. I couldn’t measure the voltage drop at the cable, but I assume that original Samsung cable was of decent quality.


  1. highest contributor for power consumption is spindle motor, current consumption stays almost at the same level even after finished burn as long as disc is spinning at the same rpm (~0,8A -> ~0,75A),
  2. during BD-R recording @ 6x peak consumption was 0,8A @ 5,05V, which means that powering from single USB port can be problematic (don’t know if that can affect burn quality or speed), in my case providing good power source I had no slow-downs during BD-R burn and speed 6x was reached smoothly even if drive was plugged to USB2.0 port,
  3. during OPC spikes of 0,1A can be observed due to spin down - spin up.

Unfortunately I lost ImgBurn’s graph data files for there burns and I can’t correlate power absortion with actual burning speed at the same graph.

I don’t have the meter any more, so no more logs will be taken (ambition was to make a complete characteristic for CD, DVD and BD lasers), but if there is any interest I could try to process the data a bit more (I shall have log even for 2x BD-R burn, but I can’t find it at the moment).

In general my copy is producing very decent BD-R burns (apart from know FW bugs leading to coasters for specific combinations of media and speed), quite on par with my results of my iHBS112 clone and LG BH16NS55 with same media. Results can be found in this thread.