Samsung SE 506AB Won't Recognise Media


I’m new here and what a wonderful forum.

My problem is my external SE506AB was happily burning CD DVD DVD DL and Bluray discs. Now when I use ImgBurn i get 2 messages.

  1. Device not ready. Logical unit is becoming ready.
    2 The I get incompatible medium installed.

I use the same discs TDK and Verbatum. My computer recognises the drive and ImgBurn recognises the drive. I also have the problem with BurnAware Pro.

I use Win 7 Home 64 bit. I have never overused it and it was working just a couple of days ago. Firmware is up to date as well


Welcome to the forums glenno61.

I can’t say that I know what is going on, but taking a shot in the dark here, I think the first thing I’d try would be a restore point made sometime prior to the start of the problem.

Does ImgBurn show the mid code of the discs? In Build mode it should show up under the Device tab.

Any media you are using is unique, even if it would have the same brand an colour.

If your drive can read other BD, DVD and CD then you should use BETTER and supported R/RW media.