Samsung SE-406AB Drive Speeds



Hi All

Ive used the search facility and not found my answer, so apologies in advance for the dumb questions Im about to ask.

I have a Samsung SE-406AB drive that I use on my Macbook Pro. I came with no software and there is no software available from the Samsung website as far as I know / Can find

I know that this drive can read quicker than the 2.2x that it is doing. I havent done or installed anything, simply plugged it in and works.

Id like to get the higher speeds from it that it can achieve - until tonight Id never heard of “RipLock” but Im wondering if this is the issue?

Ive no idea how to make this work faster, can anyone help me?

Many thanks



“2.2x” with what?
What media, what space used on that media with what content etc???