Samsung sd-616t drive won't recognise dvd-video discs



I recently had the motherboard replaced after a fault. My Samsung sd-616t dvd-rom device has suddenly decided that it won’t play DVD- video discs anymore.

It reads data dvd-s and has no problems with cds - just dvd-video.

Windows can see the disc in the drive, however it only recognises it as a plain and simple dvd-rom; i.e the label on the drive icon says “dvd-rom” instead of the name of the film on the disc tag.



this might be a plain software problem.
Please try VLC and see if that works.



I can’t. There’s no way to play the DVD with any software as Windows doesn’t realise it’s a dvd-video at all. It thinks it’s some unidentified DVD-ROM, so there’s no way of playing it with anything as far as I know.


Just discovered that DVDs will open in DVD-ripping programs and the resultant VOBs sem OK, so I assume it’s not a hardware problem. I can’t access the files on the DVD by using “explore” or what not as I just get “insert a disk into drive e”


Sorry to keep adding things, but I’ve just noticed that the problem is intermittent. Sometimes if I eject and re-insert the DVD it works. Could this be a hardware fault, or possibly a loose connection following the replacement of the motherboard?


I had an SD-616x DVD-ROM and the thing was as temperamental as anything - sometimes it’d read, sometimes not.

Have you had the drive long?


What version is your firmware? F306 seems to be the latest according to Samsung ODD.

I just salvaged a Samsung SD-816B from an old machine for reading/ripping, and upgraded the firmware from H000 to H003. A lot of older drives, burners and ROMs alike, need firmware updates in order to overcome reading problems.