Samsung SC-DC164: problem getting info of the discs

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SC-DC164 - camcorder - DVD-R (8cm), DVD-RW (8 cm), DVD+RW (8cm). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi guys! Feel a little embarrassed that my first thread to your goodselves is a pitiful bleat for assistance! However I REALLY need your expertise.

Have been attempting to put a video recording from an 8cm. DVD-RW minidisc onto the hard drive of my computer, both through the camcorder, and also as a stand-alone disc in the PC. , both to no avail. have installed the setup software, ( driver, codec, etc ) but can’t get the info off the disc. As my username suggests, I am bereft of techno savoir-faire. could someone please walk me through it?

Your camera has USB and Audio/video cable output.
What kind of software or hardware are you using for capture?
Your camera capture in mpg4 format. This is DivX type file, so to play on DVD player it will have to be converted or player has to be able to play DivX.
To copy files from disc using computer, the disc may have to be finalized first.
Check the cameras manual for that.

Thank you CDuncle…this totally worked! Of course it had to be something so simple.