Samsung SC-148F CD - wont update firmware

I want to update the firmware of my drive, it’s a Samsung SC-148F 48X CD-ROM drive - i thought maybe if i update the firmware it’ll be able to read some of my CD-Rs properly.

The current firmware version of the drive is PS06. I downloaded version PS07 version and tried to flash it but it failed (drive still works after system power down then reboot)

There is another version, B800, for my drive which i tried also - this is the command as I type it:

F1198L 3 W PS07.HEX (or B800.HEX depends which one i try)

butwhen i press enter it gives me the error:

[B]Unknown Flash memory

Verify flash failed!

I then have to power down the system because the drive is not recognised until I do.

I have tried this now from DOS 6.2 with and without any drivers loaded (complete clean boot) and also from the Windows 98 CD-ROM boot CD, but no luck - but im not sure that matters anyway, because I dont think the flash program is OS dependant. Is it possible to run it from within Windows by the way? Or are there any other flash programs that I can use or do i have to use the F1198L one supplied with the HEX file?

What can I do? It’s obviously for my drive so I can see no reason why it would be failing.

Try mtkflash 1.55 as I said on the firmware page…

I wonder if he succeeded, because I did not. :frowning: I found an update archive containing F1198L.EXE and B800.HEX – flashing failed as described above. (Except that the “Verify flash failed!” message comes after “Updating…00%”, but I think Alex just mistyped here).

Then I tried using mtkflash 1.55, but it won’t work either, with a difference:

[b]Unknown Flash Memory


Mtkflash reads the firmware file, and then nothing happens, the program does not quit (as F1198L does) but hangs.

I tried some options like sw, c, /u and /o but that did not work too. With sw, it says “erasing…” up to 100%, but then aborts again. I also tried mtkflash 1.61 and 1.83c, no difference.

The current firmware is PS06, maybe the problem is that I need a “PS” firmware and not a “B” firmware???

Any help is appreciated very much! I want to upgrade the drive’s firmware because the BIOS doesn’t detect that this drive is DMA 2 capable and uses PIO, and Win XP too. Hopefully the latest version would fix that. (Of course I checked all BIOS settings: DMA is not disabled.)

PS: If someone has another firmware release (I did not find any on the web), maybe you could simply email it to me, I’d be happy. w-sky at – THX