Samsung SATA 203 Back in Stock
They sure got more fast.:iagree:

I keep hearing great things about this drive. Is it worth swapping out a BenQ 1640, 1650 or 1655 for?

The people I have talked to that have samsung drives have had problems with any dvd-r burns but they work good with dvd+r. I sent them an email about this but they never even bothered to answer me.

zipzoomfly has the 202 and 203 in stock:

I noticed newegg went up on price and zipzoomfly about the same price if you figure in the free shipping at ZZF.

I’m planning a new build and needed a SATA drive, so I ordered this Samsung tonight from Newegg. I’ll let you know how I like it when it comes in.

Problems with DVD-R? My drive is burning very well, great SATA drive.

@dreamliner77, why would you swap out a BenQ though? I would keep the BenQ for scanning and burning it is still a great drive and get the Samsung.

so far Im real pleased with this drive and the speed and quality are great! both read and write!

  1. Dual Layer

  2. My 1640 is on the fritz.

Yes, this drive is excellent!
No, BenQ 1640, 1650 or 1655 is not to be swapped for any drive!

I am in total agreement with you. These Samsungs will probably be around a very long time, The BenQs on the other hand are almost irreplaceable.:wink:

Chiefvalue also has it in stock. I believe they are the same store as Newegg. They have free shipping but it’s pretty much the same price as Newegg and Zipzoomfly. I noticed though at Zipzoomfly, they listed it as a retail drive in heading but when you look at product detail, it says bulk which would mean OEM. You can also get a free 1gb usb stick by entering promo code [B]CPUFB[/B] at Chiefvalue. I’m pretty sure it isn’t a $20 value, but it’s better then nothing.

I would not buy from ZZF…there CS & RMA process is BS…even if its DOA…you pay a restocking fee on a refund…

Newegg also has a 15% restocking fee, but if you complain they will waive it most of the time.:wink:

Newegg doesn’t charge for returns, only for refunds for obvious reasons. I think this is standard with most any online company.

That being said, their customer service is second to none. RMA process is smooth as silk, and if you email them they will waive any restocking fee 99% of the time. I’ve been able to return products, and purchase an entirely different brand/model without ever being charged, just as long as you purchase something.

I imagine if you’re just returning stuff for a refund without some kind of a replacement you will get charged.

Newegg Free shipping is back again. Now $33.99

Wow I can’t believe they are offering free shipping on this again.

Should we buy another one?

I just did… even though I just started having bitsetting problem with DVD-Video discs… The burns this thing gives are amazing. Need a spare.

This happens to me everytime, I buy something and either they discount it the day after, discontinue it, or bring out a new model. You have me to blame for Benq discontinuing the 1655 :doh:

I just installed the 202G in a friends computer and bought the SH203B , I really think there is a world of difference in these 2 drives from what I can see in the Samsung Forum.:iagree: