Samsung-SanDisk buyout not likely

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Could the possible Samsung-SanDisk buyout be finalized in the next couple of weeks? If you’ve been paying attention to media reports and SanDisk executives, the answer is no, as the deal faces…

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$26 a share basically sets-the-table for the future of Scan Disc. The real question is whether, pre-loaded flash drives will ever take off an become a real product. Without that, I don’t see any real growth potential with in the market sector.

Obviously, Seagate is hovering over the situation. And if control of company is the real issue behind any merge/acquistion, management better find a way to prove that a worthly tag line.

This item is an “accessory” nothing more, until that concept is changed or OEM figures out a way to make the item “necessary” $26 dollars may just be the last best bet…

"sets-the-table for the future of Scan Disc"
That’s SanDisk.

"This item is an “accessory” nothing more"
Did you have dope for breakfast? Flash chips are in everything these days.