Samsung s223f

doesnt recocnize the dvd+r dl disk and recocnizes it as a cd. what can i do?

Are you using XP? Do DVD+R and DVD-R do the same? If so try to burn one it should work ok. It’s a screw up of M$ on XP.

i am using xp with sp3 and using dvd+r dl. i dont know about dvd-r.i enter the new firmware.

If you have no disc in the drive it say’s DVD drive. If you put in a disc and then it says CD drive then it is ok. It’s a problem with XP that will never be fixed. This is normal. Anyone with XP experiences this.

but when i use convertxdvd it sees the disc only as a cd and doesnt write it!

Will the 223F burn DVD’s? There are different lasers for burning CD’s and DVD’s. It could be a bad drive. If possible can you try it in another pc to make sure?

i will try