Samsung S20xx & Sony DRU-840A Fast Burn and Fast Read Patched Firmware

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Just get a 203. :doh:
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I need to save some money first, I’m cleared out after the last PC-related binge :o

Seriously though, these new firmwares of C0deKing’s are looking good, yet another reason to get one. :iagree:

A question about FB. What could be the reason that TSST engineers decided to use the slow CAV mode instead of a faster mode? I don’t think they liked applying a non-competitive 12x burn time, but they should have some serious reasons to apply it.

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Looking Forward To Sony DRU-840A/DRU-840U Fast Burn & Fast Read Patched Firmwares. :bigsmile:

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[If Sony gets the chance to release SS01 soon, maybe CK will consider patching it? Pretty please? :bigsmile:]

OMG…thank you

As you can see we all appreciate your hard work and efforts

I certain can and I’m very pleased that so many are using it, with what looks like good results. I just about fell of my chair when I saw 2601’s E01 result :eek: and some of the others in the HOF thread are very pleasing as well. :slight_smile:

It’s actually quite a special release, because this is the first public release ever, of a DVD reading speed, faster than 16x. :cool:

Remember that all scans can just go in the normal scan threads, with something to indicate that FB firmware was used. :wink:

:bigsmile: Big Mahalo! (Thank you in hawaiian!) for all your hard work in providing firmwares for us Cdfreaks! :slight_smile:

Many Thanks C0deKing! :bow: :bow: :clap: :flower:

Greatly appreciate the enhanced f/w!

First another thanks for the good work :bow: I am very tempted to give it a try but i would like to know if somebody have noticed any change in write quality when using the patched fw? … better, worse or nothing of interest :slight_smile:

Thanks COdeKing
Thanks Alan for your program MCSE and support on the 203b

I have burned 3 DVD’s @ 12x with your F/W and MCSE. I only have only two MID… TY T02 and MCC 004 (Verbies).

Burns (Two Drives…both May 07 MII)

Two in my first drive, one made the HOF
One in my second drive, it made the HOF

2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

This was with MCC 004 which I was having trouble with for some reason in both of my 203b drives…good burns but not REAL GOOD burns! Others here posted some great MCC 004 scans, even at over speed, but “none for me”.

It seems my drives prefer the 12x speed and the CK patch, as my MCC 004 burns are now looking pretty good/consistant.

MCSE MCC004@ MBIPG101 R05 seemed to improbe it a little more (I kept seeing scans by Jamescooley1…thanks James)(I think that is name…lots of burns in the HOF with that strat)…so I tried that along with the CK patch and things improved even more)

I can not over speed on the MCC 004 like some of you guys here, but 12x “QUALITY” burns on both T02 and MCC 004 is just fine with me.

Add the 18x read and scan speed and things are getting sweet!!

MY 111D Pioneer is as good with both media types I have , but at slower speeds (T02 @ 6x and MCC 004 @ 8x). One of the two Samsungs is a decent scanner also…so as an all around drive, with MCSE and COdeKings patch, the 203b is a nice weapon of mass destruction!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Please don’t tell Georgie and his crowd. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


OMFG, thank you codeking

LOL!!! Georgie and his crowd couldn’t find it anyway :wink: :disagree:

Hi everyone, newbie here. Bought a Samsung SH-S202N (w/ lightscribe) yesterday. Drive came with SB00 FW. Updated to SB01 using their update utility. Now to my question, Is this FB/FR patch applicable to my drive since it’s not a 202G? 2nd, how do I patch these FW to my drive? Do I load these FW one by one since there are 2 .bin files? What software to use? Thanks.

robertjose08, welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Samsung’s version system is a bit confusing. The firmware for your drive must match the model number “S202N”, so you can’t use S202G or S203B firmware.

I’ve now added the S202N SB01 FB FR firmware to the first post. You will need to use the SFDNWIN tool to flash one of the enclosed files, which you will find here:

Thank you, my liege.

Thanks c0deKing for the welcome and the quick reply. Will try the patch later. Thanks again.