Samsung S20xx & Sony DRU-840A Fast Burn and Fast Read Patched Firmware

Samsung S20xx & Sony DRU-840A Fast Burn and Fast Read Patched Firmware
Official Thread

Fast Burn (-FB):
Fast Burn uses P-CAV for 12x burning with both +R and -R media. Now 12x burning takes around 6 minutes, a saving of around 1:20 over the stock 12x CAV burn.

Fast Read (-FR):
Fast Read converts the 16x read speed to an 18x read speed. Reading has proved to be very reliable at this speed in the latest MTK drives. To date I haven’t found a disc that will read at 16x, that won’t read at 18x. Tools that report the read speed will still show the drive as a 16x reader and the next lower read speed is 12x.

A Fast Read only version is also provided in the packed file.

Note: Results can still be posted in the normal scans threads but please state that the FastBurn firmware was used.

Thanks to all the testers and an extra thanks to NewFish for the attached scans.

NOTE: Please now see the Patch Utility for Samsung firmware here:

Samsung downloads:
S202G (SB00 FB FR): Download

S202H (SB00 FB FR): Download

S202J (SB01 FB FR): Download

S202N (SB01 FB FR): Download

S203B (SB01 FB FR): Download
S203B (SB02 FB FR): Download
S203B (SB03 FB FR): Download

S203D (SB00 FB FR): Download

S203N (SB01 FB FR): Download

S204N (TS00 FB FR): Download

Sony downloads:
DRU-840A (SS01 FB FR): Download

Make sure you use the firmware with the same model name as yours, including the last letter.

Thanks C0deKing. :bow: :clap:

FastBurn 12x P-CAV looks very promising, adding yet another dimension to these burners. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I am sure many will be pleased to see this. :iagree:
Cheers C0deKing. :clap:

Might be my drive, but after a transfer rate test (CD/DVD Speed) drive takes longer time to spin-down then with stock firmware.
Anybody else experiencing this?

Nice to see the faster 12x burns though. :clap:

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry no takers here. :disagree: :doh:
You’ll have to wait for the masses to getup out of bed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! feels like Christmas…woke up and got a present…

THANK YOU C0deKing!!

Very nice job on both the Read speed increase and the FastBurn 12x speeds!

Working great here!

:iagree: …once or twice, but that was with the stock fw. Maybe it’s a quirk triggered by something I was doing. Or maybe I have a weird drive.

This fw shaved about a minute from my 12x burn times. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much C0deKing!!
Great job!

Thank you C0deKing :flower:

Many thanks C0deking!

Thanks C0deKing! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks COdeKing! Is there anything in the works for 182D/182M series of drives?

Nice, THX

:clap:Very nice :slight_smile:

FAQ updated. :bigsmile:


Good thinking Michael :clap:

It has always taken both of my 203’s a long time to spin down with stock FW.

Thanks for the very nice present C0deKing will be installing it here shortly. :clap: :iagree: :bow:

Well done C0deKing! You are a superb patcher!
I hope it will be possible to apply these patches to other drives too and maybe, just maybe, to Omnipatcher supported drives :slight_smile: .

@C0deKing …it would be really appreciated if you can do same to Samsung SH-S183L SB02 f/w with fast read and fast burn patches :bow: :flower:

Modded FW for any SH-S18x drive would be nice, but we’re veering off topic here. :slight_smile: