Samsung S203P error correction?



I recently ordered the S203N from and the package arrived today, but on closer inspection it turns out they’ve sent me the S203P.

As I understand it, S203N is the S203B with Lightscribe, while S203P is S203D with Lightscribe. I browsed through quite a few reviews of the 203 (as well as browsing this forum) to help me decide which version was best, and basically concluded the B was superior, particularly for error correction - one of the main reasons why I chose the drive in the first place. However, whilst the B model received excellent reviews, according to CDRInfo’s tests, the D model’s error correction is lacking.

So now I’m wondering if I should return it, or will the S203P be adequate enough for ripping with decent error correction? It’s for a new system, and I can’t test it yet because I’m still waiting for some other components to arrive, so I’d just like some advice.


Well, I decided to email Samsung about this, and I received a pretty helpful reply:

Cher client,

I recommend that you keep the SH-S203P model as its just as good as the SH-S203N, and is infact a newer and more expensive model with an extra burn option called TruDirect.
You can find all the needed info regarding TruDirect on our website, or by searching the internet of course. :slight_smile:
Regarding the reading differences of the SH-S203N and SH-S203P I can tell you that they are the same, and a lot depends on the used Firmware version.
As the SH-S203N is a slightly older model it also has a few more firmware versions released then the SH-S203P.
If you have any further questions please let me know and I will be happy to help you.

Kind Regards,
Miguel Gelo
Samsung OMS Team

I figured the info might help others here. I’m not really savvy when it comes to this kind of stuff, so I doubt I’ll fiddle around with firmware unless it’s really necessary. Guess it can’t be too bad…The rest of my components arrive on Thursday, so I’ll just keep the drive and hope for the best!


This reply arrives far too late, but I only got a S203P to test today.

Good news, the reading performance / error correction is just as oustanding than that of the S203B, and that’s true both for CDs and DVDs. :smiley:

This meaning that from my cross-checking, I consider it a 100% useless PIE/PIF scanner, just as the S203B : far too forgiving because it’s so good a reader. So scans are just way too optimistic.

As an example, here is a S203P scan of a DVD which has reading errors in any other drive of mine (except the S203B), and which skips and freezes in three standalone players. :rolleyes: - it also shows extremely high out-of-specs PIF clusters in the 3GB zone in my other usual scanners.

People can’t be serious when they’re scanning with these newer Sammies. LOL :bigsmile: