Samsung S202N vs LG H54L comparison, which to keep?

Since my beloved BenQ 1640, I have lost track of DVDRW and there are so many new models that I don’t know.

Now is selling I/O Magic for $20, cheap price. inside the boxes, I get one with Samsung S202N and another with LG GSA-H54L .

Which one should I keep as a heavy-duty burner (while the other goes as gift to parents who may burn <10 every year :stuck_out_tongue: )? I have all kind of media from MCC 16x +/-R, CMC 16x -R,… to Playo branded fake MCC 16x +R.

Could someone briefly tell me the pros and cons of each drive? I am particularly interested in bitsetting, DVD+R overburn, cheap media burning quality, DL media quality, and pi/po scan capability.

Thank you in advance!:bow:

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The S202N is basically a S202G w/LightScribe. You may want to check out the Samsung forum about user experience. I have the S202G and it’s not a bad drive really, but could use a better firmware. The H54L is like a “crippled” H55L, which means you can crossflash to it. But it seems like a good drive as well. Likewise, check the LG forum.

I personally wouldn’t use any Playo-branded discs because most of the time, the outcome won’t be reliable if you plan on keeping the discs for some time. Accept no substitutes!

BTW, on the I/O Magic boxes, do they indicate IDVD20DLS or IDVD18DLS?

Thank you! Given Samsung 203B’s good review, 202N may be a keeper. I read the 202N mini review and will do some more testing myself.

on the box it says IDVD18DLS. Not bad anyway to have a 20X drive inside, even if I may never need this speed :slight_smile:

I bought two tonight, but ended up being Samsung S182M and LG H44L, no 20x. They’ll be going back.