Samsung S183L slowing down...?


Has anyone had this problem before…? My S183L was working fine from when I bought it up until about a week or two ago. Now it burns incredibly slow and the buffer which used to hover around 90-99% constantly drops down to 10% or less and bounces all over the map. I am using the same media I have had since the drive was new. I haven’t changed anything hardware-wise on the pc either. I tried re-flashing the firmware and even backing it down to SB00 again. I have attached a copy of my Nero drive speed on a regular CD-R which is capable of being read up to 52x…it certainly shouldn’t be this way normally!

Any help is appreciated before I go out and get a new drive…



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To start with make sure DMA is enabled.

You may want to change the Sata Cable to see if that will correct your problem.