Samsung S183A SATA Firmware Problem

i have bought a samsung s183a burner.

now i want to update from SB00 firmware to SB01 firmware.

i installed the LIVE UPDATE soft from samsung and tried automatic and manual update. nothing worked. :frowning:

the live update software says i can update but then i get a error message (after the.bin file is downloaded and the update starts) that the drive is not supported.

this is what wininquiry shows:

samsung live update:

notice that the drive is shown as able to upgrade. :rolleyes:

nero info tool:

how can i find the correct firmware?

Try the flasher and firmware available here.

thx for your help but thats exactly what i have done with the manuell update.

drive not supported is all i get… :frowning:

i think the problem is that it´s a OEM drive.

the OEM code 0 is not listed on the samsung website.

Correct, OEM drive!

Wrong firmware!

and how to find the correct firmware??

By asking those who sold you the drive or Samsung.