Samsung S182D

My Samsung 182D will only read dvd rom at 4X. Have only got 8x & it is irritating. can any one help?

Hi and Welcome!

please make sure, DMA is enabled for all your drives. See the sticky about that in the general optical drives section.


Hi. I have this drive as well. I recently installed it and found that my Sony DVD+R are writing at 4x speed when it is capable of 16x. I have been using my HL DVD RW drive and encountering the same problem. I use Roxio 7 OEM. I then tried IMGBurn and found that the disc burned at around 7x to 8x. I am wondering if it is the program I am using to burn or is it that the drives I have are not able to utilize the full speed rating for the disc? Are there programs more compatible with the Samsung drive? Thanks.

Curious, you will probably need to update your Roxio to the newest version to support 18x drives like the Samsung.

The first DVD RW drive (the HL) and Roxio recognizes my TY’s and can burn as high as 12x (even though my TY’s are rated to 8x). Shouldn’t that drive and the Samsung be able to burn at least that speed? The Roxio program has already demonstrated that it supports the drive, just not at 18x, right? Thanks for the info.