Samsung reveals 16TB SSD



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Samsung has showcased its PM1633a SSD with a capacity of 16 TB and the PM1725 SSD, a NVMe drive that is able to reach up to 1M IOPS.

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Regardless of the news it sounds great now if the masses can afford it that would be even better news I would upgrade just to get 16tb SSD. I think a 3-4 drives would cover my 14 of my 3.5tb HDD right now. Not to mention weight saving as well.


In keeping with the SSD premiuum ratio, Samsung will price these drives around $5k (a multiple of about 10 - 15x current hdd technology)
So,ultra enthusiasts or governments with unlimited budgets are the primary customers
Secondary customers would be data centers with specific requirements to be noiseless & ultra low power. 12 years later… home consumers.