Samsung R70 Laptop upgrade to Blu Ray?

HI Could anybody advise if i could upgrade the internal drive to a blue-ray drive? on my laptop. would it possible / will it work?
((if yes where could i buy it from))
also want to output to Samsung HD TV 32’ via HDMI output on laptop
or would it be cheaper to buy a desktop drive and place into a caddie hope this makes sense and would it work ok?

Laptop spec:
Samsung R70, T7100,
2gig DDR2 667, 160GB HD, DVD±RW,
8400M GS, Vista Ultimate



Anybody have any idea? :confused:

i have found this Drive below

“Sony NEC Optiarc BC-5500A Blu-Ray / DVD Writer Combo Notebook Drive”

Or this one which is £10 more than the above model @ £150

Sony NEC Optiarc BC-5500S Blu Ray Reader & DVD±RW SATA Notebook Drive (Black) - OEM

Not sure of the difference though
im not worried about burning blu ray tbh.