Samsung presents "TruDirect"

Samsung ODD announced a software solution, that allows to record video (and other) material directly onto a DVD.
The source material is not copied onto the HDD at first and then converted, but the conversion is done in real time.
The “TruDirect” software is bundled with the new SE-S204S (seems to be a 204N in white) and might be also supported by other Samsung DVD burners.

More information about “TruDirect” can be found here:


Credits to loretta80 who mentioned TruDirect at first :wink:

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Btw. Truedirect is mentioned in TechSpecs of SH-S203P too.

Hi,[QUOTE=loretta80;1956968]Btw. Truedirect is mentioned in TechSpecs of SH-S203P too.[/QUOTE]I’ve seen that. But at the moment, Samsung only mentions the new 204S in their presentation.
Since TruDirect is only a piece of software, there shouldn’t be any restriction concerning the drive that is used. Any restriction present (or a list of explicitely supported drives) is artificially coded into the software.


unless SE-S204S has some extra chips inside to do the encoding.

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What strikes me is that ‘TruDirect’ requires 60 MBs minimum to install program onto HDD. Then a further 9GBs maximum to make DVD video.
If as claimed ‘TruDirect’ doesn’t use HDD, why is this space required?
Well that because if the DVD video is already ‘made’ a on the fly approach is made.
However if the DVD video needs to be compiled etc. HDD space is required. The 9GB limit = to that of DL.
It also implies that you need a DVDRW with ‘TrueDirect’ operations button. Further implying that more than just a DVDRW is required.
So ‘TruDirect’ is more of a oneclick approach to backing up compiled DVD videos or Photo books etc.
Nothing new here.
Despite claims of 20x max, so far only seen 12x max for video. With 8x mcuh better for consitant results.
Those of you who already have DVD authoring, will see nothing additional for you here.
So it does in fact need a source with the file(s) already compiled for burning. Whether that be your camera/camcorder or HDD.

[QUOTE=nekrosoft13;1957050]unless SE-S204S has some extra chips inside to do the encoding.[/QUOTE]

Hi :slight_smile:
The actual DVDRW is a standard drive.
The caddy however has additional circuitry to facilate this ‘TruDirect’ technology.

Good grief, Trudirect is older than I thought!

It now seems that many of the desktop drives have TruDirect firmware upgrades available, so it would appear that the drive firmware only serves as a “licence” to use TruDirect software.