Samsung PM1725a 6.4TB SSD

Samsungs answer to PCI4.0 from AMD. This can be used with Intel boards and chipsets and its still extremely fast.

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The only question I have is " Can it be used as a boot drive" If it cannot, its worthless to me.

Its an enterprise SSD so probably you wont be able to boot from it.
In any case, enterprise grade SSD’s tend not to do well with consumer workloads.


Thank you Wendy, its so weird, I can read all the specs and they never say whether its bootable or not. I would think that would be an important spec.

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Data centers tend to try and avoid having to reboot their systems.
Also, a data center is very unlikely to use one of these drives as their boot drive.
If the drive was bootable, I’m pretty sure Samsung would have mentioned it in the specs.

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