Samsung Pleomax DVD+R DL 2.4X

I know that DVD-R/+R Pleomax media are manufactured by Optodisc, but what about DVD+R DL (2.4X in 5-pack jewel case)?

The dual layer is RitekD01 and the first batch of +R 16x media is Ritek RitekR04 and the newer samsung 16x media is ricohjpnr03.

How does RitekD01 compares to MKM001?

Rather variable still - and not always good compatability with burners … think we had a review/firstlook on cd-freaks main page on ritek DL media … under traxdata brand … look there for an idea :slight_smile: - and search the forums in the media forum

Ritek == crap results with most of all burners.
MKM == excellent or good results with (almost) all DL burners.