Samsung Pleomax 16X - Now Ritek?

I purchased a 50 pack of Samsung Pleomax with the intention of receiving Ricoh JPN03, which I’ve had good experience with in the past. never mentioned Ritek as being a possibility, so I figured I had a safe bet…

Nope, received product and it’s all Ritek R04.

The funny thing is, all other 16x media (CMC, Verbatim, etc) burns at 18X on both my Lite-on and Optiarc burner. I can only get the Ritek R04 to burn at 16X on the Opti-arc, and 6X on the Lite-on… What gives?

Any idea on the overall quality of this media, and perhaps why it won’t burn as fast as it’s rated on the Lite-on? TIA

RitekR04’s is old stock but if I’m right newer as the ricojpn03 disc’s.
AFter that I think there were some MBIL disc’s and the current stock is mostly optodisc.

R04 was rated at low speeds because of the fluctuations and the fact that ritek doesn’t have the highest priority when it comes to perfect supporting.

All Samsung PLEOMAX DVD+R 16X that I got are OPTODISCR16(in slim jewel cases) which is awesome , I’ve tried RiDATA RICOHJPNR03 and was very dissapointed .
I would like to know how to identify those Samsung with Ritek MID to avoid them !

Well, I’d like to try some to see how good they are. My Maxell Ritek R03’s all burn very well with my 1655, almost as good as my TY T03’s, so it may be the same with the Samsung ones, they may be very good.

There’s nothing too great about the quality of the media… Besides the fact that it burns slower, the error rate is higher than average, with sporadic PIF spikes >4, though nothing that would render the disc unusable.

It would work for backups that aren’t mission critical… But this stuff certainly isn’t the cheapest media, there’s better deals out there, but I took a chance and lost.

FWIW, the Ritek R03’s (Arita branded, free Newegg gift) I’ve been using have both burned and scanned excellent. Extremely low error rates w/ the R03’s @ 8x, haven’t tested for longevity.

No way do these new 16x Ritek’s compare to the R03s.

Some RITEK R03’s have degraded, so keep an eye on yours. Could you post an error scan of a Ritek R04 for me please?


Here’s the scan of the Ritek R04 recorded with my OptiArc @ 16x…

Most of the ones I’ve recorded don’t have clumps this large, just numerous PIF spikes >4.

Interestingly enough, when burned on the Lite-on @ 6X (this is the fastest the Liteon will burn these even with latest firmware) produces very acceptable results. PIEs < 50 and PIF no higher than 2.

The spikes >4 seem to be relinking points from the OptiArc, a common problem from NEC drives. Still doesn’t look too good, though.

Maybe if the burn speed was reduced to 12x or even 8x…

If you want to get rid of all re-linking spikes/problems with the Optiarc 7170 and drives in the same series, you need to drop your burning speed to 6x.

I had a lot of problems with my NEC 4551 and re-linking points which showes up as Transfer Rate test problems in LiteOn drives and downright unreadable sectors in BenQ DW1655 drives, so the first thing (well the second thing *) I tested on my Optiarc AD-7173A was which burn speeds were re-linking “safe”, and even 8x can cause re-linking problems with unreadable sectors on a BenQ 1655 drive.

So unfortunately 6x is the highest re-linking safe speed. That being said, you would probably have perfectly readable discs most of the time if you burn at 8x or 12x, but that’s not good enough for me.¨

*) The first thing is to see whether the drive can recognize and read all types of supported media.

Good information, the random spikes have never been a problem, and they only seem apparent at 12-16x speed. My old NEC 3550A also generated these intermittent spikes. Nothing I’m burning is critical, so the spikes don’t bother me, it’s when it generates a large clump that I become concerned, and these R04 discs seem notorious for creating bad burns at higher speeds.

FWIW, I can burn CMC Mag AM3 and M01 media all day long at 18x on the Optiarc with excellent scans, and none of the PIF spikes.

I just installed these two new burners (opti and lite-on), replacing my old 3550A and Lite-on 160PS6, so I haven’t tried but a couple different medias which happen to be these Riteks and CMC Mags.

Spikes of PIE and PIF are only indirect measures of disc quality. If you have a disc that isn’t readable, it matters not one little bit whether the quality scan is pretty.

I don’t worry about seeing the PIF spikes in scans so much as I worry about the same discs not being readable, and that’s the problem with re-linking points in the later NEC/Optiarc drives when the discs are read in some other drives.

As this is getting a bit far off-topic, I’m going to leave it at that.

Hmm overall it looks like bad support with the Optiarc burner and the Ritek R04 discs…

Attached is a scan of CMC media burned at 18x, much better burns than the Ritek discs… The relinking points are not showing here.

I would recommend upgrading to Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.70 and using PNG or GIF as an image format. :slight_smile:
The relinking points occur less commonly with DVD-R IIRC.