Samsung Player/Recorder HR720 won't play back copied titles properly

I have problems with playing back videos that I have copied from HDD to DVD. I record several titles onto a V mode formatted Maxell DVD-RW 2x disc and everything appears to work successfully. I can play back the titles by accessing the titles and playing each one and there are no problems. However once the disc is finalised the problems appear:

  1. The playback stops after one section (title) is played and will not play any further.
  2. If I skip forward or fast forward and then press Play then the playback will often stop and the TV reverts to the channel to which it is tuned. This does not always happen and sometimes the DVD will continue playing to the end of that title and then it will stop. I am unable to play the other titles that were recorded.

I have copied these same titles previously some time ago and finalised the disc and everything worked just fine