Samsung offers 4GB flash drive for Microsoft Vista

[I]The device is compatible with Windows Ready Boost which, Samsung said, is a feature of the OS that uses flash memory to improve the speed of systems.

What Ready Boost purports to do is to populate the flash drive with data by readying favourite apps and data in the background. A traditional HDD is limited to serving 100 to 200 requests a second, but Samsung claims its thing will manage to service 5,000 requests a second. It can be connected to a mobo using the ATA port and “Ready Boost” compresses all data. Samsung gave no indication of what the drive will cost. µ [/I]

looks intresting, although I wonder how it will manage its background reading/writing to the drive because if this is not implemented well then it may cause more lag within that respect.

Samsung and Microsoft seem to have spent a lot of efforts on this technology. Samsung especially wants everyone to use flash drives for OS.