Samsung OEM Drive at Micro Center $29.99

Manufacturer Part #: 712117
UPC: 892518008925

Does anyone know what model this actually is? I’m wondering if these are repackaged solely for Micro Center as all searches point back to Micro Center.

Its the SH-S182D

The SH-S182M is available for $10 more. I picked up one last week from my local Microcenter.

Thank you for the reply. Would you happen to know if the SH-S182D & SH-S182M are the same drive with the exception of the SH-S182M having Lightscribe? If they are, I’ll just keep the extra $10 bucks and buy some discs.

  1. Yes, the only theoretical difference is that the M has Lightscribe. You will find some posts claiming that the D has better scans than the M - but IMHO this is debatable, as the drive is too new to derive any conclusions.
  2. Both the drives have a problem with writing the DVD-R according to the standards. See this thread:

This should be hopefully fixed in the hopefully soon to be released firmware.

  1. Yes, you may want to keep the $10 and get the D. I got the M because I like to try our new technology. I live one life. I dont want to die with the feeling that I never burnt a single lightscribe disc :smiley: