Samsung ODD Products Warranty & Support

As some of you know I;m a member of the Samsung OMS Team who give’s technical support to every owner of a Samsung Optical Disc Drive product.

I just wanted to let all our customers know how to easily reach us in case they have questions, or need any support.
Also I wanted to inform our customer about our warranty policy for Samsung Optical Disc Drive products.

The following countries can always call us free of charge for any kind of questions, support, warranty requests, or any other Samsung ODD related issues by calling the following number:

European access numbers OMS (00800 8010 8011)

England 00800 8010 8011
France 00800 8010 8011
Germany 00800 8010 8011
Holland 00800 8010 8011
Italy 00800 8010 8011
Spain 00800 8010 8011

We also be reached by e-mail, as we have a ERMS system in which we will answer all our customers within a day.
You can send us a E-mail by filling in your questions, or requests on the following webpage:…ct_odd_en.html

All Samsung Drive’s have a warranty period of 24 months all will be swapped for a refurbished model.
The original purchase receipt / invoice isn’t needed for a direct RMA (Repair) request as we can only need to have the modelname’s and serialnumbers of the defective drive.
RMA requests can be made by using one of the above contact lines, or by sending a E-mail to our RMA department:

The reason for posting this information, is because we want to offer our after sales service to all our customers in the easiest way possible.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by using one of the above options.
My direct e-mail adress is (Hanaro Computers is the official service center for Samsung ODD products)

Kind Regards,
Samsung OMS Team,